Sara Hackney


Outrageously talented singer/songwriter Sara Hackney is a bright sparkling comet blasting toward anyone that hears her. She has played in a wide variety of venues; including Groovefest, the Hacienda Lounge, Party in Paradise bash, local fall festivals, numerous benefits, and many more. Hackney's biggest influences include Christina Aguilera, Pat Benatar, and Grace Potter, as well as a wide variety of 80's music on which she cut her teeth on. Hackney is a melting pot of every genre that she blends beautifully with a touch of rock n' roll. Her raspy growl, impressive range and belting abilities make her a force to be reckoned with. Hackney continues to perform in hopes of branching out throughout the world, one continent at a time. Her songs read like a diary, inviting you in and allowing you a glimpse of her pain and tribulations, love won and lost. Those meaningful lyrics coupled with her rich vocals and intimate stage persona allow others to be captivated and enjoy the ride of emotions every time. Her debut EP, Rebelle, comes out November 2015, and her  full-length album, Broken Doll, is tentatively scheduled for a 2017 release.